Condensate polishing

Nanofiltrationsanlage Produktentsalzung sDuring the production process of basic organic chemicals, very often condensates occur as byproducts, which have to be treated before dumping or recycling into production process. The condensate occurring at the product process of caprolactame contents for example ammonium sulfate and caprolactame. The loss of these products instead of recycling would not only mean a reduction of the process recovery, but also very high costs for waste water treatment. These condensates can be concentrated by a reverse osmosis plant. Because of the high salt retention rate of the reverse osmosis membrane, nearly all contents of the condensate are separated and can be brought back to the production cycle. The filtered permeate can be dumped into the municipal waste water system without hesitation.

In some cases, the recirculation of the separated contents is not appropriated. In this context, reverse osmosis helps reducing the volume of the accruing condensate. The remaining condensate after concentration will be incinerated because of its high dirt load whereby the residual amount of condensate is very often less than 10% of the initial amount.

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