Memcell classic

The MEMCELL plant has been developed to run laboratory trial with minimized effort. The plant is suitable for membrane screening, cleaning examinations, lab trials and quality management. All common flat sheet membranes can be used.

The plant is suitable for the following processes:

The flat module corresponds in his hydraulic properties to a spiral wound element. So, examinations with the flat module can be used for up-scaling to pilot plant sizes. The flat cell is available with various spacers (30-44-80mil); to run the plant with another spacer, only the middle part of the test cell has to be changed. On permeate side, there is a porous sinter plate to guarantee a steady permeate flow. So, a reliable scale-up is possible.

For membrane manufacturer or technical institutes, the MemCell is available on request with parallel or seriell connection of more than one test cell.

Memcell smlTechnical data:

  • Working pressure 64 bar (standard), 80-100 bar on request
  • Material stainless steel (1.4571 standard), other materials on request
  • Feed tank volume: 0,5 - 2 litre
  • Cooling or heating by double-walled tank design
  • Active membrane area: 80 cm2

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