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Degreasing bath treatment

Ultrafiltration is established for a long time for applications like treatment of emulsions, degreasing baths or craft detection oils. With ultrafiltration, oil and dirt particles are separated. So, the particle-free filtrate can be used for degreasing again. According to the recommendations of suppliers for degreasing chemicals tensides are added to the degreasing bath. So, lifetimes up to 3 to 6 months can be reached for degreasing baths.

UF Entfettung3 modulOsmo Membrane Systems GmbH offers an upgrade for your degreasing plant in replacing the polymer pipe modules by ceramic modules. Ceramic modules are more temperature resistant, chemical resistant and changing pH-values. On the one hand, the separation efficiency will be increased and on the other hand, the lifetime of the degreasing plant will be increased significantly, because polymer modules have to be changed much more, depending on the application.

The costs for the upgrade are equal to the costs for working with polymer membranes and the costs for the conversion of the plant will be assimilated by the longer lifetime of ceramic modules.

Degreasing bath treatment with filter modules is state of the art, e.g. at the automotive industries. Various types of modules are available on the market, but the pipe module design is the most common type. At the beginning, the modules were made of polymer materials, but their low lifetimes made the ceramic modules more and more popular.

These advantages make a replacement by ceramic modules absolutely more than reasonable.


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