OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH develops and manufactures membrane plants for demanding tasks of the chemical industries.

UO Pilot xl sWe are certified in all current regulations and long-term experienced over more than 25 years to design special plants even in non-standard grade materials .
This knowledge does not just mean the professional handling of materials, but also professional projecting of e.g. aseptical or ex-proof applications in accordance with performance requirements.

We are partner in validation and offer costumer support even after delivery.

Additionally to typical applications like separation of inks, oils and polymers, dye and product desalination and acid filtration, our product range includes also brine concentration with special knowledge of high pressure reverse osmosis.


Depending on the raw water quality and the required quality for service water, water treatment plants are designed by OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH in single or multi step versions.

OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH offers treatment installations for separation of dissolved, undissolved and gassy water components:

Ultrafiltrationsanlage OberflächenwasserParticle separation

Ultrafiltration, multi-layer filtration


Nanofiltration, reverse osmosis


Membrane degasification, percolator

Residual desalination

Ion exchanger,  electrodeonisation

Compared with conventional plant systems, significant advantages arise from this processes:

Constant product quality, independent from seasonal variations

  • high plant availability combined with low personnel costs because of fully-automated processing
  • Low operation costs by reduction of chemicals for regeneration and omitted precipitating agents

The product range of OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH covers the complete electrodeposition paint (Ed-paint).

DialysezelleWe offer the conditioning of the pre-treatment baths with

up to treatment of the bath with

Conventional processes for treatment of rinse water or wastewater of metalworking industries can be replaced by OSMO membrane plants. By usage of our membrane technologies, the amounts of fresh water can be reduced significantly and valuable chemicals can be recirculated.

OberflaechentechnikAdditionally to the conditioning of immersion baths by micro and ultrafiltration, acid recovery becomes more and more important. Based on our research results, not even sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid can be recovered, but also mixed acids (HF, HNO3).
Our plants for recovery of acids mostly consist of a sludge separation by microfiltration.

Downstream, there is diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis or nanofiltration plant for metal separation.

For the treatment of rinse waters, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis are part of the OSMO product range.

Environmental Technology

At nearly all industrial segments, manufacturer are forced by growing requirements to optimize their production flows to stay competitive.

Umwelttechnik UltrafiltrationEspecially environmental regulations becoming more strictly continuously, require a changing in methods or processing for production to produce economical as well as environmental-friendly. For this task, membrane separation enables integrated environmental protection because environmental burden will not come up an in turn, a time and cost consuming waste water treatment will not be necessary at all.

In many cases, the membrane plants of OSMO Membrane Systems enable the recirculation of the contents back into the production process.

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