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Round dialysis cells

DialysezelleThe cylindrical electrode is mounted into the cylindrical membrane, which is hold by a strong pervious pipe from the inside and protected by a mesh from the outside.

The anolyte is leaded through the anode pipe through the bottom of the electrode and flows constantly through the toroidal gap between electrode and housing to the anolyte outlet.

By the standardized membrane support, a multitude of membranes can be used.

The pipe cells of OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH are easy to handle, because even a 2m long electrode only weights 8 kg.




 Advantages of the OSMO round dialysis cells:

Dialysezellen blau

  • Can be opened without tools by quick release fasteners
  • Anode pipe made of seamless thick-walled stainless steel 1.4571 (standard) – treated titanium available on request
  • Continuously anolyte inflow and outflow as well as selective anolyte distribution
  • Anode can be turned inside the membrane