Electrocoating painting

Ultrafiltration of kathodic deposition paint

UF 8zollThe filtrate of the ultrafiltration is added to the immersion bath by a spray ring, which is installed directly over this bath. So, the recovery of the remaining color is possible and by separation the color particles, painting defects can be avoided. In the last spray zone, organic solvents from the ultrafiltration are washed away be demineralised water. Concentrated with these solvents, the water is leaded into the color bath. The process is a closed loop without any waste waters.

The paint bath can be contaminated with pre-tretment chemicals like e.g. phosphates, chlorides, chromates.


so, a part of ultrafiltrate has to be leaded out to avoid concentration of the paint bath with these chemicals.

If no ultrafiltration is used, big amounts of waste waters will arise, which are difficult to dispose.

Our ultrafiltration plants are customized in membrane are, retention rate and membrane type.

UF 4zoll xl