Surface water

Boiler feed water

The so called „Boiler feed water“ is stored in a feed water tank and continuously feeded to the boiler of a steam generator. A big quantity of feed water is needed for example in steam power plants. The boiler generates steam, which is used for heating, for chemical processes or for driving a steam turbine respectively a steam engine. The feed water is purified in a way, that all harmfull components for the boiler are removed or neutralized. Leakages and evaporation loss are compensated by additional water which is purified in the same way than boiler feed water.

Very often, valuable well and potable water resources are used for the generation of process water. Environmental regulations restrict this usage of well and potable water continuously and increase the costs for this resources steadily.

UO Anlage mit Gesamtanlage im Hintergrund

The conditioning of stream water to boiler feed water helps saving potable water and means cost advantages.

The process of conditioning is based on ultra filtration with downstream reverse osmosis and ion exchanger.